Certified Organic Products




Certified Organic Spices Herbs Oils 



Organic Fabric

Organic Essential Oils


Bio-Degradable  Disposable  Tableware 


Areca Leaf Disposable Tableware/Cutlery 


Cornstarch Disposable Tableware/Cutlery 

Bagasse Disposable Tableware





      Pottery                                                                     Metal Art                                          Antique Reproduction



               Artistic Table Lamps                                           Industrial Lighting                                   Designer Floor Lamp 


                 Leather Lamp                                                            Marble Frames                                                             Papier Mache  




            Tribal Art                                                                     Tribal Crafts                                             Tribal Jewellery 



              Lanterns                                                      Eco Friendly Lighting                                      Outdoor Furniture



                  Garden Decor                                             Garden Planters                                                 Tribal Figurines 



  Designer Jute Products                          Customized Leather Accessories                            Eco Friendly Kids Decor


         Luxury Vases                                                       Luxury Furniture                                     Luxury Mosaic Brass Decor 


                                                                                                        Copper Bath Tubs                                           Vintage Garden Decor                                              Copper Basin



            Copper Bar Ware                                              Brass Samovar                                        


Whatever your requirements may be, we can assist you to source your products through our extensive network of global contacts.

We strive to provide our clients the products that are chemical free and organic in nature. Products which not only make our end customer's life more healthier but also keep our constant bid to make our planet clean and green by reducing the carbon foot print.

As one of the biggest promoter of Blackstone Kitchen and Bar ware items in India. We provide an eclectic line of products made from serpentine black stone known as Longpi Pottery in India. To offer you nothing but the best we walk those extra miles to find the very best organic products which you can use from Kitchen to Home Decor. Yes, we cater to your specific requirements to match the blends to perfection, at very reasonable prices.

We fulfill the requirements of products by: - 

  • Arranging appropriate vendors for variety of products and negotiating the best prices from reputed manufacturers/suppliers
  • Facilitating & co-ordinating the buyer’s visits to India
  • Controlling the raw material, orders follow up, processing export/Import orders and monitoring the same from sampling to shipment
  • Quality assurance & inspection of the goods - In line as well as final inspection of all the goods as per the quality standards required by the buyer.
  •  Timely deliveries, regular communication and co-ordination, regular production updates and evaluating a factory as per the compliance requirements of buyers.